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    NORTH MEGA 12,000 PUFF (NEW)

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    NORTH MEGA 12,000 PUFF (NEW)


    Introducing the revolutionary North FT12000 Disposable Vape - a pinnacle of innovation and indulgence in the vaping realm. This cutting-edge disposable vape redefines convenience with a colossal 15ml e-liquid capacity and a robust 650mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring up to 12000 consistent and flavorful puffs. The North FT12000 boasts a Crown Airflow Dial, offering three distinct modes - Discrete, Full Flavor, and a groundbreaking fusion, promising a tailored vaping experience to suit every preference. 

    Whether it's the tantalizing Apple Gummies, exotic Kiwi Dragon Fruit, or the refreshing Lemon Cola, the extensive array of enchanting flavors ensures an unparalleled journey for every vaper. Elevate your vaping experience with this avant-garde device that seamlessly combines technology with sophistication, delivering an indulgence unlike any other. 


    • Crown Airflow Dial with Three Adjustable Modes

    The Crown Airflow Dial is a standout feature, offering users the ability to customize their vaping experience. This dial includes three distinct modes, each tailored to different vaping preferences. These modes adjust the airflow, allowing for a tighter or looser draw. This customization not only enhances the user's control over their vaping experience but also impacts the flavor intensity and vapor production.

    • Dual Plaid Mesh Coil for Superior Flavor and Vapor

    Equipped with a Dual Plaid Mesh Coil, this device ensures a superior balance between flavor and vapor production. The mesh coil design increases the heating area, which in turn, delivers a more consistent and robust flavor. Additionally, this coil structure enhances vapor production, providing a satisfying and dense cloud with each puff. This feature is especially beneficial for those who prioritize flavor intensity and vapor density in their vaping experience.

    • Immersive Screen Enhancing Visual Allure

    The inclusion of an Immersive Screen adds a modern and aesthetic touch to the device. This screen not only displays essential information like battery life and puff count but also enhances the overall visual appeal of the device. Its crisp and clear display adds a touch of sophistication, making it a stylish accessory for any user.

    • 17 Diverse and Bold Flavors

    Offering a wide range of 17 diverse and bold flavors, this device caters to a broad spectrum of preferences. From classic tobacco to exotic fruits, each flavor is crafted to deliver a unique and satisfying experience. The variety ensures that users can enjoy a new experience with each selection, keeping the vaping experience fresh and exciting.

    • Overcharge Protection for Device Safety

    Safety is a paramount concern, and the Overcharge Protection feature addresses this by preventing potential battery damage. This safety mechanism ensures that the device stops charging once the battery is fully charged, thereby reducing the risk of overheating and prolonging the lifespan of the device.

    • Large Puff Count (12000) and High Nicotine Content (5%)

    Boasting a large puff count of 12000 and a high nicotine content of 5%, this device is designed for long-lasting use and strong satisfaction. The high puff count means users can enjoy the device for an extended period without frequent replacements, making it cost-effective and convenient. The 5% nicotine content caters to users seeking a more robust nicotine experience.

    • Generous E-Liquid Capacity (15ml)

    The device's generous 15ml e-liquid capacity sets it apart from many competitors. This large capacity allows for extended use without the need for frequent refills, making it ideal for regular users or those who prefer not to refill often.

    • Powerful Battery (650mAh)

    Finally, the powerful 650mAh battery ensures that the device can sustain prolonged usage. This battery capacity is particularly beneficial for heavy users, as it minimizes the need for frequent charging. The combination of a powerful battery and efficient power management contributes to an uninterrupted vaping experience.

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    Baby Gronk
    Good as hell

    10/10 first hit was awesome as well as second



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